Sprinkler 101


Fire Sprinkler 101 -

Do all sprinklers discharge at once?

Contrary to what is sometimes shown on television sitcoms, all sprinklers in the building do not operate simultaneously. Sprinklers distribute water directly where it is needed to confine and control a fire. In the majority of fires, only one or two sprinklers are required to operate.

The likelihood of a sprinkler discharging water in the absence of a fire is very small. Each model of sprinkler is subjected to rigorous laboratory tests to guarantee long-term integrity, and every single sprinkler is hydrostatically tested at twice the maximum system water pressure prior to leaving the factory.

Loss records of Factory Mutual Research indicate that the probability of a standard response spray sprinkler discharging accidentally due to a manufacturing defect is only 1 in 16,000,000 sprinklers per year in service.